I think, we can only be free from ourselves, freedom from others is only an illusion. So, well what exactly is freedom? The choice and authority to act however we want and do whatever we want right? But sometimes… many a times actually, what you may feel right might not cater the needs of others, […]

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  I find reality a funny subject.   because I see reality as a point on a plane.  Where everyone is watching it from a different angle. On 2d it’s 360⁰, and on 3d there are infinite point of views. Now, this point might be different for person A, and person B! But it’s still […]



For everyone suffering from depression…. All I want to say is never lose from the situation life offered you. I know it can be hard , even to get up everyday , even face yourself in the mirror. I have been depressed myself. But that’s the thing about life! it’s good, it’s bad, and everything […]

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I stumbled on this word today… perfectly described what I am feeling right now…great melancholic longing without bounds… I have a perfect life..I have everything one needs food,shelter , friends, family…still I long for deeper meaning , deeper connection, even after having everything in my life, I feel lacking something and my heart aches. I […]

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